Pinot Noir 2019 – Tasting notes

Harvest commenced on the 16 February, temperature at 5am 9 °C.
Very healthy grapes with no rot.
Good intense flavours due to smaller berry size with delicate skin.
Destemmed into open fermenters.
“pre-soak” overnight at 14 °C.
Manual punch downs for 13 days @ 3x Day then 2x when approaching dryness.
Temperature and extraction carefully monitored daily.
Gentle pressing in pneumatic Basket Press.
Settled and racked into 225 Litre French Oak Barrels.
Malolactic Fermentation in barrels until complete then additional racking into barrels once more.
Sensitive filtration and bottling on the 03rd December 2015.
Total of 9 months in French Oak Bariques.


Alc: 13,5%
V.A: 61  g/l
R.S. 2,70  g/l
Extract:26,63  g/l
pH: 2,70
Acid: 5,85  g/l


This wine is beautifully structured, an excellent example of a classic cool climate cultivar. Ruby red in colour, with a nose of Cherries and Black Pepper. Ripe strawberries and water melon notes that develop if slightly chilled. A juicy mid palate with elegant earthy notes that should mature over time.

Best enjoyed with Game Fowl, Crispy Duck, Parma Ham or Wild mushroom risotto.

R185.00 per bottle

Minimum order of 1 x cases (6 bottles Total).

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